About Us

We are a family company founded in M’hamid, which for 21 years organizes private tours in southern Morocco: on Sahara Desert, Atlas Mountains and  Atlantic Ocean. Jamal Sbaai – the founder of the travel agency “Sahara Historic Fortress” is one of the marabou-martyr’s grandsons, Sidi Khalil Sbai.

Morocco has a nature and architecture that magnetizes. We focus on showing tourists, simple happiness of archaic life. We like to involve our guests in artisanal, rural activities, inviting them to milk goats and camels, turn the wool, press the argan oil, plow with a donkey, weave carpets, make pottery, baskets, clay bricks, beekeeping, cous-cous, sand bread, jam, and much more … and celebrate, sing and dance, like our ancestors.

Have you ever felt in a place that you breathe happiness? We find that in Morocco, the air is, in a real way, impregnated in happiness. Welcome then, plunge into this dream space!

Certified national and international guides, speaking English, French, Norwegian, Spanish, Romanian and Italian.


Camelia and Jamal Sbaai